Holiday travel is such a pain…

Yes, I know it’s Christmas and all and millions of people are traveling….  However, when you have kids with limited vacation, sometimes it’s ones only option to escape.  Tossing around Florida where the positive is a visit with Mom and the negative is being subjected to the horror known as DisneyWorld.  I’d love to head to Switzerland but flight costs are making it quite extravagant for schlepping 2 kids along (will need to monitor for a few weeks).  All I know is I need to go…. Place your bets, anyone?

Vamos a la Barcelona!

Three more days and the sisters head back to Europe for two weeks!  I’ve prepped my Barcelona Blog so follow me along and see what I can get myself into!

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Maybe I’ll finally take the time and update this blog with my recent roadtrips…maybe :-P

Burning Man Precompression Party

One thing I’ve learned to love about the Bay Area is the art community.  Oakland and its old warehouses are a hub for large installations being created, built and maintained for Burning Man.  Every few months they have open studios and parties.  Early there are activities for kids and families and by night they are amazing parties for 21+.  Because it’s the Bay Area these parties really do cater to an eclectic group of all ages.  By day they are artists, engineers, scientists and other professionals and during their free time they create incredible light displays, art and motorized structures.

Crew and atendees are so open and welcoming that you are just free to be.   It’s pretty incredible.   I highly recommend attending if you every have the chance.  Just “like” the pages on Facebook for art studious such as NIMBY or American Steel Studios and you’ll likely receive invites for upcoming events.




Even I enjoyed stepping out of everyday me into Rockstar me.

Midlife is what you make it to be.

Midlife is what you make it to be.


Here’s a great video by Mark Day, I found on YouTube from last night’s event.

I’ve officially lost my mind…

Not because I am behind on posts…Yes I am and I’ll eventually catch up.  What is even more crazy, for me, is my eldest son just talked me into running the Disney Star Wars Half Marathon with him in January 2015.  What am I thinking….I’ve never run more than 3 miles at one time and even that kills me.    I guess if you are going to do it, might as well do it dressed as Princess Leia.

As I like to repeat the wise words of Yoda, “Do or do not. There is no try!”

Well I guess….I do


Just 5 more months…just 5 more.


I’m antsy today.  Unsettled.  I’m sure it’s just a phase.  This Bay Area cold fog doesn’t help.  I keep my mind on Barcelona for my sisters big 5-0.  Our main destination is Spain.  However, we are throwing in a cruise too…just cuz we can.   Spain, a little France, a little Italy…why, oh, why is my beloved Italy so far away.

Filipino History in San Francisco

Today I took a Filipino Historical walking tour of San Francisco’s SOMA district.  With all the press regarding the gentrification of the city, it was refreshing to see that in very tiny ways the city is trying to preserve the immigrant culture that create much of the richness of San Francisco.  The tour began at the Bayanihan Community Center and we walked through the nearby neighborhoods and parks that were historically inhabited by Filipinos. The neighborhoods are beautiful but because of the location it still suffers from drugs, gangs and other city ills.   I’m afraid that some day it will totally disappear off the map as affordable housing is replaced by high-end condos.  Until then, it is there to share and educate.



Photo from Jeremy. Group Picture


Meeting professor and author Jaime Romero


Learning the context of the work Bayanihan for which the center is named.




Mural painted on the wall of this urban park in 1976



Another hidden park at Bonifacio and Lapu Lapu.


Mural of the history of the Philippines on the side of senior housing.


Ski Day with the Bay Area Ski Bus

The thing about being divorced and dateless is some times you just have to go about finding your own solo adventure.  Today that adventure came in the form of a bus, the Bay Area Ski Bus that is.  I grew up skiing but living here in the bay, it’s a past time I’ve neglected because 5 days a week I battle commute traffic to work and the last thing I want to do on a free weekend is battle traffic to Tahoe.  So while the kids were at their Dad’s for the weekend, I woke up and went to the Walnut Creek BART at the crack of darkness and joined a bus load of sleepy skiers that have been gathered from the South Bay in route to Sierra at Tahoe.  Once aboard I knew I could not resist the sleepiness that hummed over the occupants,  I pulled my hoodie over my eyes and succumbed to the darkness of the early hour.

I’m so used to travel by air, that in my snoozy state, an occassional pothole was mistaken for in-flight turbulence. We reached Sierra at Tahoe in less than three hours.  It was a beautiful sunny and warm day and ice coat that the trails wore quickly softened.  I was thankful for the almost non-existant lift lines as it allowed me to loop trail-to-lift for hours. That’s the benefit of solo adventure.  For hours was just me, the sun, the snow, my skis and my thoughts.  I could not have asked for a better meditation retreat.

Sierra at Tahoe

Sierra at Tahoe

Eventually, my wobbly knees needed a break.  The weather was so fine the resort patio was swarming with sun lovers, shed of parkas and boots gathering around cafe tables for lunch al-fresco and napping on reclining chairs.  I could not help but join them.

Solo ski

…and like that the day was over.  I gathered my gear and headed back to the Ski Bus where the crew had prepared a mini-Apres Ski party before we boarded our bus back to the Bay.   I look forward to being their guest again.

wineApres Ski